Monday, October 01, 2007

Oral Fixation Mints

I know, I'm usually pretty good at keeping this blog on topic (except when I get my Michael Kors catalog in the mail and feel compelled to share with everyone on here). So why on earth am I writing about breath mints? Because they're giving a portion of their proceeds to breast cancer research!

These aren't your ordinary mints that you buy last minute at Shell while paying for your gas. These are "gourmet", and come in some pretty cool flavors:
Mimosa Mint (Orange Mint Cocktails)
Antioximints (Green Tea Mints)
Jasmints (Herbal Jasmine Mints)
Fabulous Fruit (Very Fruity Tropical Mints)
7 Deadly Cinnamon (Hot Cinnamon)
Night Light (Caffeinated Chai Mint)
Mojito Mint (Lime Mint Cocktail)
Classical Peppermint (Strong Peppermint)
Spare Mint (Spearmint)

I tried the Fabulous Fruit mints (this is the flavor that is donating a portion of the proceeds during the month of October), and they were a tropical fruit flavor but not overwhelming in their flavor, which I really loved (I feel like I'm burning the inside of my mouth each time I eat an Altoid!)

You can find these mints scattered around at various hotels and restaurants, or even better you can order a selection of flavors (or even customize your own tin) on-line!
Oral Fixation Mints

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