MAC Heirloom Holiday 2007 Brush Sets

Continuing with our Holiday 2007 sets that would be fantastic gifts for someone like, oh, ME.... Here are some amazing travel brush sets that come in super cute travel bags. Here's what comes in each:

5 Basic Brushes ($48 USD)
Silver threading on the bag
-129SE Powder/Blush brush
-219SE Pencil brush
-239SE Eye Shader brush
-266SE Small Angle brush
-316SE Lip brush

4 Face Brushes ($48 USD):
gold threading on the bag
-168SE Large Angle Contour brush
-187SE Duo Fibre brush
-190SE Blending brush (aka “foundation brush”)
-194SE Concealer brush

5 Eye Brushes ($48 USD)
-209SE Eyeliner brush
-212SE Flat Definer brush
-217SE Blending brush
-252 Large Shader brush
-275SE Small Angled Shader brush

The one MAC brush that I have is incredibly soft and and makes applying my new Studio Fix foundation a breeze (full review is pending). I would love nothing more than to try some more brushes, and this is a great way to do it! I may need the first 2 bags, but if someone wants to give me the Eye Brush bag too, I wouldn't say no.

Hurry, I heard from Temptalia's Christine tonight that the Holiday sets always sell out fast!

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Christine said...

Get that hubby moving!! ;) To the MAC store!

Or even online, as there is free shipping on all orders this weekend.

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