Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick and Gloss

I love trying new lip products. I bet if you go and look in my purse right now you will find no fewer than 10 lip products including balm, gloss, liners and of course lipstick. I will try nearly any product, from spending $2 on a NYX gloss to over $20 on a department store lipstick. I’m not even likely to use a product consistently throughout the day, I’ll switch around as my mood changes. What this means is that not only do I have a lot of lip products, but that I’m also very picky about them. Which is probably why a lot of my favorites are from Lancome!

The new Color Fever Gloss is Lancome lip gloss at its best, truly. This is yet ANOTHER Holy Grail Lip Gloss. Perhaps I need to come up with some tougher criteria, because I think I’m declaring too many glosses to be holy grail. Regardless, this one meets all of these criteria:
1. Great color Honestly, there is a huge collection of colors to chose from. The colors are opaque to translucent with shimmer or creme. There’s a flattering color for everyone.

2. Portability. The wand in this gloss is slightly bent (which does really help with application), and it’s wider at the base of the wand, allowing you to easily apply more gloss where needed.

3. Good smell/taste.

4. No stickiness.

5. The formula needs to be hydrating and soothing to my lips.

The Color Fever Shine Lipstick is equally fantastic.

This lipstick glides on easily, feels smooth and silky once on your lips and is pretty long wearing. When applied, then blotted and reapplied I had at least 6 hours of wear. The lipstick is shiny, not quite gloss shiny, but enough that you won’t feel the need to apply gloss over it. This lipstick comes in 16 different shades, which means there is one for everyone!


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  1. October 26, 2007 / 4:01 am

    tx for the review! i want to try this gloss now!

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