Elizabeth Arden Holiday 2007- Everything Glows

While some cosmetic brands are putting emphasis on Matte makeup this season, I feel like a little shimmer is perfect for the late fall/early holiday season! (Actually, lack of shimmer somehow feels unfestive to me). All out glitter isn't very flattering, and the key is to find the correct amount of shimmer to be seasonal but not overly blingy.

This season, RUN to your nearest Elizabeth Arden counter and buy one of everything from their Holiday Collection, I promise you that you will not be sorry! I know that Elizabeth Arden has not traditionally been a brand that inspires long lines for the latest collection (like MAC), but I believe that they are putting out some great new collections (have you seen how amazing Catherine Zeta Jones looks lately in their ads?), and this is the best one so far! I am really excited to see what they'll have coming out for future collections after trying out these items, and I can promise you that I'll be heading over to Elizabeth Arden's counter to check out their foundation and powder for my annual fall foundation purchase really soon!

Everything Glows Lip Gloss Duo
Here's a little close up from the group picture above so that you can see the shimmer in these lip glosses. While this compact is a seasonal item, I hope someone at Elizabeth Arden seriously considers creating a whole line of these lip glosses as part of the permanent collection. I would loooooovvve to see a collection of 5 of these with different sheer glosses- a light pink, a peach, a gold.... You get the idea!

The glosses come in a great little compact about the size of a silver dollar, and about 7 mm thick or so. Which means that this gloss fits perfectly into your jeans pocket without poking you! (Can you tell I've had this in every pants pockets since I got it?) The glosses inside are really just fantastic. They are very silky and feel hydrating to the lips for a gloss. They have great shine, and are very long lasting- I didn't need to reapply more than every 2-3 hours, which is pretty good. Both glosses are very sheer but with just a hint of color, and the right amount of small glitter (not the big stuff which looks like you coated your lips with something from the craft store). This is a great compliment to bare lips, lips with Benetint or also over lipstick!

Everything Glows Shimmer Powder
The next essential product in this collection is the shimmer powder. You can see from the picture that this product comes with a medium size kabuki brush, which is the perfect size to use with this powder! It's a very high quality brush, and more often than not I've been finding myself reaching for this brush to apply my bronzer and to blend my powder. The cost of this product is a good price for the brush alone, but lucky for you it also comes with the great shimmer powder!

The shimmer powder has a very pretty pink/peach color in the compact, but it is actually very sheer on the skin. This is a great subtle shimmer, and it's perfect for highlighting all over- from your cheek bones and brow bone to the clavicle and shoulders when you're dressed up for a holiday party!

Everything Glows Compact for Eyes
The last item I tried from this collection was the eye compact, and I have been using pretty much everyday since getting it. You can see here pictures of both the compact and the corresponding swatches (in the same order) on my forearm. (Please ignore my pasty white color, I am super pale!) These shadows are very highly pigmented, apply smoothly and blend easily. They're long lasting, and my shadow still looks great at 6 pm when it was applied at 6 am!

I have been using color #1 on my lid up to the crease, #2 I use for highlighting and a little bit on the brow bone and inner corner of my eye, #5 I use to accent the outer 1/3 of my eye. I truthfully have been afraid of using colors #3 and #4, I'm not a blue or green eye shadow girl. However, after swatching these shadows I think I'm going to try #3. In the compact it looks like a dark navy, but once on my arm it is very obvious that this shade is mostly grey with a little bit of navy to make it less severe. It would be perfect for a smokey eye this fall, so I'm going to experiment a bit with it!

According to Elizabeth Arden, this is how you can apply this compact to look like CZJ in the ad:
Sweep Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Shade #2 across brow bone, apply Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Shade #1 to entire lid, and contour crease with Shade #5, sweeping slightly outward and upward. Blend well. Smudge Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Shade #4 close to top and bottom lash lines and line close to bottom lashes with Shade #2.
Apply two coats of Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Black.

CZJ also had on Color Intrigue Cheekcolor in Sunblush, Smooth Line Lip Pencil in Plumrose, Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick in Perfect Cassis and the Shimmer Lipgloss.

After trying all of these products I can tell you that these are all products you'll be glad you bought, but you'd better hurry because this collection is going to sell out fast!

Elizabeth Arden


  1. I really like the packaging...

  2. I love Elizabeth Arden products! I am 27 and have been using the Mousse Makeup and Bronzing Powder for two years and absolutely love them both. Though Arden seems to be an older line - the products are amazing and, in my opinion, better than the younger brands - MAC, Laura Mercier and Lancome. I am looking forward to picking up some of this collection, it looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. My mom introduced me to Elizabeth Arden as a teen, and I used all their products for "troubled skin", then the Mousse Makeup as I was in college and beyond. I loved everything, but the one thing I find is that the makeup colors are more suited to people with bluish undertones. I tend to look better using products with a yellow base, like Bobbi Brown.
    The mention of Elizabeth Arden still makes me a bit nostalgic, and it's definitely a high quality line. (Sorry for the long post!)

  4. I love the swatches.

    I would never consider the shadows based on the compact, but they in your swatches.

  5. Looks gorgeous, thanks for the heads up


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