Friday, October 26, 2007

Behold, the Power of the Internet!

Have you noticed any mad rushes for makeup in the women around you lately? It seems that the internet is becoming more and more of a factor in what normal, everyday women will buy as part of their beauty routines. I heard in one of the beauty blogger forums that according to a LARGE cosmetics company that you have heard of, if a woman reads a positive review on the internet, she's about 64% likely to go out and buy that product. That number is huge! But, really, if you think about it, reading a review on-line, from someone whose opinion you've come to know and trust, can be worth a lot more than the opinion of your best friend or sister.

Here are a couple of items that are getting a LOT of buzz on-line, be sure to keep your eyes out for these products, because you'll want to try them!

Fiberwig Mascara is a prime example of interent buzz creating a mad dash! For a long time, Fiberwig has been the best-selling mascara in Japan. This summer it finally crossed the Pacific and found it's way into a Sephora near you! In short order the mascara was reviewed by Lipstick is my Crack and Beauty Snob (who, it turns out, had been importing the mascara from Japan for years), and I have been unable to find it in stock at Sephora this entire time! I have friends who swear by this, and will order it 5 tubes at a time from Sephora. Lucky you, I scored last weekend in Chicago (I was in line at the Michigan Avenue Sephora when they put 3 boxes of this in the mascara display next to me!), and I really think this mascara is worth the hunt. I'll be posting a full, holy grail worthy review next week. This stuff looks like I went and got lash extensions!

The latest craze over on the Makeup Alley Makeup Board is Cover Girl's new mascara, Lash Blast. The hysteria is to the point that women are making (fake) ads for the mascara with Chuck Norris and other action movie heroes (the tube is their machine gun), truly you need to go and check these ads out!

Women on the board have been searching high and low for this mascara and have been finding that their area is totally sold out. A mascara that I don't even think has been advertised nationally yet! I managed to buy the last one at my Target yesterday, apparently the secret is in that black and orange brush. I've only broken it out of the package so far to take that picture, so I'm hoping that this mascara is worthy of all the hype.

A few days ago, over at one of my favorite blogs, Blogdorf Goodman (winner of the best blog name ever), Annieytown wrote about Face Time Cosmetics and their primer, Velvet Veil. This primer was so amazing that Annie actually threw out her beloved Smashbox primer, which she had chosen after trying out about 30 or so primers in her epic series on primers. Annie didn't just put it away in a drawer somewhere.... She chucked it. This is mind blowing!

A quick glance at the comments from this post shows that there is already stampede for these products. And the readers aren't just buying the primer, they're also getting these great "tubes" that the company has available. This might be the perfect present for your bridesmaids or a relative you know loves makeup. For the bargain price of $90, the tube includes full size products of the primer (usually $22 alone), a blush, 2 eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and gloss, and a shimmer powder. Not to mention the great instructions they show exactly where and how to apply. This is a great bargain, and you can chose one of 3 tubes or create your own!

The Face Time products don't appear to be available in stores currently, but if this internet buzz picks up, I'd say they'll be showing up in a Sephora near you sometime soon!

Perhaps the best known example of the internet creating a rush for a product might be the now seasonal, limited-edition Lancome Lipsticks. Try as I have (I've checked 3 Nordies in California and Michigan Avenue in Chicago), I haven't been able to buy this lipstick as it seems to be sold out everywhere. This lipstick was created for the Fall 2007 Peter Som Fashion Week Show, and it has been described by many as the perfect, layerable berry-red. Sigh. A girl can dream, hopefully this will show up for swap on Makeup Alley!


Smarter Beauty Blog said...

Very interesting. Yes, it's true, I guess I do get pretty jazzed when I see a good makeup review on the internet. I guess it's because I trust blogger more than magazines.

Alison said...

I'm always looking for the magic mascara, so I look forward to ur reviews

amusant parcours said...

I found the PS Kiss lipstick this weekend! At the Nordstroms in Pleasanton, CA - they had 1 left and I was there to buy it. It really is a gorgeous color. If you aply lightly, it's a beautiful berry color, but a little heavier and it's a great red (on the darker side). I hope you find it!

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