Simply Sarah Cosmetic Bags

Right now, in my Tod's purse, I have a very ugly cosmetic bag. It's zebra print with bright pink accents, which used to be cute, but which is now so dirty it's disgusting. Very soon, I'm expecting a great package from my mom, who is knitting me a new one. (Really, I know this sounds kinda old lady-ish, but she'll turn it into felt by washing it in hot water, so it will be really thick and soft and a deep raspberry color, custom made into the perfect size. This is gonna be just amazing!)

In the meantime, I'm amusing myself by checking out a new site for me, Simply Sarah, which has some pretty fantastic finds. Check out the cosmetic bag here. I absolutely love the pink paisley. For a pink, preppie girl like me, this color is just amazing! This comes in this shape or a rectangular shape, and then in a few different sizes. I think one of the best things about these bags is that while the outside is fabric, the inside is lined in plastic. Fantastic! Usually bags are all fabric (a recipe for disaster for a spill-prone girl like me) or just plastic (which to me feels like the travel equivalent of a plastic sofa cover!). A bag set like this would be perfect to take on a trip with me. Right now, I have travel cosmetic bags from Target, which are fine, but they are getting kinda dirty and boring. I have a few business trips coming up this year, I may need to treat myself to a few of these!

Here are a few more of the cosmetic bags, they're so pretty!

Check out this computer case. Although it only comes in 1 size and holds up to a 15" computer (thank goodness, that's the size of mine), this is a pretty great case. Right now, my case is a pretty basic and utilitarian but offers good padding, a few pockets inside for paper and CD-Roms and the like. But, it's overall very boring. I love the idea of a patterned case like this one! This case comes in 2 colors (blue and red accents), has italian leather trim and a detachable strap out of the same leather. Fantastic!

Finally, I also really like this little "Handy Hold All" which hangs on the wall and hold "all" of your bags. I have way too many bags for this. Seriously, I would need about 5 or 6 of these. But this would be great for inside of a closet door, to hold the purses that I'm currently rotating through. Again, I picked out the pink paisley print here, but a solid neutral color might be even better for an area of the main house, rather than just my closet.


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

They should make those kinds of pretty bags to hold my arsenal of gadgetry I bring on all of my long-term projects. :\

Anita said...

Hi, I'm saying *hi* to enter into the blog comment drawing thingie. Plus, my mom also knits and felts, and has made me a book cover and bag, both of which I love :)

Christine said...

Those bags are darling! sigh, I have too much makeup to fit in them, though. --

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