Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

The lip area is an often neglected area of the face for anti-aging treatments, until it is too late! By then, you have vertical lines, thinning, and you find your lipstick bleeding out from your lips all over the place! This is usually when people get all sorts of injectable treatments that turn them into blowfish. This is not a good look. Let’s try to prevent that, shall we?

Olay is helping to save us from looking at more of those poor blowfish faced souls with this Regenerist Lip Treatment. This treatment has the amino peptide complex as well as several “micro-fillers” that help to visibly reduce the look of these lines. I didn’t recognize many of the names on the ingredient list other than glycerin, mica (not sure why that was there, but I do know what this rock is) and candellila wax.

I’m honestly not sure if this product truly helps with lines or not, as I have none. (If you do and have used it, please let me know.)

I will say that this is a pretty nice product. When applied to the lip area there is a very pleasant tingling sensation, and my lips feel super hydrated for hours afterwards. It does offer a great base to apply lipstick over. I think just for these reasons alone this is worth the purchase price, and if it happens to prevent aging and in the long run you don’t join the school of blowfish, then that’s just an added bonus!

Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Lip Treatment


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  1. jess
    September 19, 2007 / 5:29 am

    This is my second post in 12 hours and you already have another product review, awesome! While I also probably don’t need this particular product since I just turned 22 (today is my birthday!), I hope you’re going to be reviewing the Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment. I got a sample when I bought the Regenerating Serum and randomly tried the sample out one night. The next morning I was wow-ed by the results; it’s not greasy, pleasant scented, and I had seriously noticeable skin softness. I usually have very oily skin as well, but after a few days of using it, my skin was also a lot less oily. Hope to hear what you have to say about it!

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