New At Bobbi Brown- The Metallics and Best Sellers Palette!

When Bobbi Brown announced this fall’s new collection the metallics, I thought that I would be able to hold off on buying this palette. As someone who’s bought a huge number of Bobbi Brown palettes, shadows, etc. over the past year or so, I thought that I had enough Bobbi and I would try out some other brands. I might be wrong!

I visited the new Metallics today at Bloomingdale’s at South Coast Plaza here in Orange County (we were trying escape the 100 degree heat!), and I love all of the colors! A lot of these shades were what I really expected from my Stonewashed Nudes, but even better! I swatched all of the palettes on my hand and even on my pale skin, all of the shades looked fantastic.

I think that my favorite might be (unexpectedly) the Velvet Plum palette (in this picture, that’s the one on the bottom). The colors in the plum palette are more neutral than they appear in the picture, and they are all just the right balance between pigmented and sheer. Just 1 swipe with an eyeshadow brush and I deposited just the right amount of shadow. The dark color is a beauty, it is a dark smokey black with a purple lean and beautiful shimmer! I also really loved the Burnt Sugar (golder toned) palette, which also was fantastic on my skin. The Midnight Metallics (the blues) is perfect for this fall’s blue smokey eye, and the Forest Metallics (the greens) were for me the least flattering, but I think would be perfect on my red headed, blue eyed sister (Nikki, are you listening?).

Hurry to pick up your palette today. These are limited edition, and the makeup artist, Shonda, informed me that she has already sold out of the Burnt Sugar palette in the week these have been out. She only has 2 Velvet Plums left, and has sold over half of her Midnight and Forest Palettes. All 4 are still available on Bobbi’s website.
Bobbi Brown The Metallics

Also available now at a Bobbi Brown coounter near you, is the fantastic new palette, The Best Seller’s Palette. While most companies will fill palettes with one or two great shades and then some so-so ones, this palettes is just filled with Bobbi’s all time best sellers! If you’re new to Bobbi, or you travel often, this palette is perfect for you!

The 4 eyeshadows included in this palette are a few of my favorites: White (don’t be afraid, it’s very sheer and is perfect for an all over eye color when paired with the wheat, I also love to highlight with it), Wheat (see, you can use this with the white), Champagne Truffle Shimmer (not a lot of shimmer, but a lovely light tan color), and Espresso, which is perfect for lining the eye with.

The lip colors included in this palette are some of my favorites as well: Sandwash, Brownie (a long-time Bobbi classic), Rum Raisin, and Raspberry lip shimmer.

You will not be disappointed in the palette! I may return to Bloomingdale’s sometime soon when I have a bit more time to have my makeup done by Shona (look for the African American girl with perfect skin if you go, she was super sweet even though I was trying to run away before I spent a lot of money, I going to switch to Bloomies from the Nordies BB counter because of her!), and I expect I’ll pick up the Best Sellers Palette and my yearly new fall foundation then.

The Best Seller’s Palette



  1. September 3, 2007 / 1:24 pm

    The Best Seller’s Palette looks like a must have! (My budget screams ‘ouch’!) Bobbi Brown is relatively new in South Africa but it is ‘uber’ exciting to have it here! I am extremely pale (the doctor sends me for annual anaemia tests – even though I tell her that this is just my look.) I am therefore very excited about Bobbi Brown cosmetics for a natural look. The Best Sellers looks like just the thing for me.

  2. September 3, 2007 / 4:58 pm

    Good to know. I love that cosmetic area at SCP’s Bloomies. I will keep your tip about the make-up gal at BB.

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