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I'm a sucker for makeup palettes. I'm one of those people that loves it when a pro has decided what works well together, then sticks it all into a "one stop shopping" option for me. I love this with skin care, makeup, almost anything! This makes it much easier (and faster) for me to get ready in the morning, just grab a palette, apply and go!

With the beginning of fall just around the corner, I thought that we should take a quick peek at some great palettes that have hit the market, maybe something will strike your fancy too!

Bella Il Fiore has this really great palette called Powder Room, which really is just a treasure trove of products! Included in this cute pink and black case are 9 (!!!) eyeshadows, six lip glosses and four different blushes. Take a peek at this image (click on it to make it bigger) and you'll see that there is a wide array of neutral shade that can be used to create almost any look you could imagine! This little box would be a great gift for a girlfriend or perfect for travel.

This Too Faced Glamour to Go Palette has 6 lip glosses and 4 different eye shadows, perfect for touch-ups during a long day on the go! I love the pretty pinks in the lip glosses here, and the eye shadows are basic enough that pretty much everyone should look great in them.

And, if you haven't signed up to be a Beauty Insider yet at Sephora, I suggest you do so soon! There's a great selection of palettes that are available only and Sephora, and only to those special Beauty Insiders. My favorite one is this Lorac Palette:

This LORAC Sneak Preview Beauty Insider Palette, includes everything you need to create some of this fall's best looks. Included are 5 eye shadows, 2 blushes, a lip polish (granted, lip stick is the big look for fall, but I like the rosy color of this lip polish) and finally a dual ended brush.

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