Bioelements Review Series: Restorative Clay

I love this mask. Really, truly, this is the best mask ever. Hands down. Period. You must go and buy this mask now.

I've been a mask lover for years. I go through phases of mask usage due to time constraints. But when I am able to use them, I find them to be soothing and relaxing. My favorites have always been clay masks. I love the feeling of them drying on my skin, and I really feel as though my skin has been through some exfoliation through the removal scrubbing process.

This mask is a very thick mud mask, and it comes with a cute little spoon to help you remove the product from the jar. I really recommend using this spoon as it will not only help prevent contamination of your mask jar with bacteria, but it is also perfect to get the right amount of mask out of the jar. Just one small scoop is more than enough for your entire face. The mask has a light grey color with a tinge of blue, and it just smells like a mud mask, nothing special or overwhelming. It spreads easily across my face and it takes about 15 minutes or so to dry completely. Unlike some masks it doesn't become incredibly uncomfortable right at the end of the drying process, which is a HUGE bonus!

This mask washes off pretty easily, and it becomes a bit gritty like a scrub as it is washed off. Once off (even without the help of cleanser) it does not leave a film behind. I feel fresh and clean, and as though someone has just scrubbed out my pores!
Bioelements Restorative Clay

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