Bioelements Review Series: Kerafole

So, Kerafole is a very interesting mask. In the jar it looks and smells like a mud mask, with a light brown/tannish color. It comes with a little spoon like the Restorative Clay Mask to help you scoop out the right amount of product and prevent contamination of your jar with bacteria. But, it really isn't your typical mud mask. It's an exfoliating mask, and it has 2 alpha hydroxy acids and other ingredients for stimulation and brightening the skin.

According to the Bioelements website, these are the active ingredients:
Algae Extract (stimulating, detoxifying, nourishing)
Lavender Oil (antiseptic, healing)
Lemon Extract (antibacterial, skin-brightening)
Tea Tree Oil (antibacterial)
Citric Acid (exfoliant)
Malic Acid (exfoliant)
Camomile Extract (soothing)
Ginko Biloba Extract (stimulating, improves microcirculation)
Orange Oil (sedating)
Kelp (nourishing)

The mask goes on like a typical mud mask, but it should probably be used in a lighter layer on the skin. It has a tingling effect that is strong but doesn't hurt and is not too intense. The tingling lasts for about 3-4 minutes on me, and then goes away as the mask dries. After about 10 minutes it has dried and I then wash it off. The mask is a tad bit hard to remove with water alone, as it wants to stick to your face. However, a bit of cleanser takes care of that problem easily.

After using this mask my face definitely has an immediate improvement in smoothness, any flaking I have around my nose is gone (why, oh why, do I have this problem so often?), and my face just glows! I have not experienced any irritation from this mask and the alpha hydroxy acids in it-- Just glowing skin!

Bioelements Kerafole




  2. Hello! Always looking for a good mud mask and to have AHAs too? Wonderful! THanks for the tip - never checked out this brand before! Molly

  3. Hello! Always looking for a good mud mask ... and to have AHAs too? Bonus! Never checked out this brand before. Thanks! Molly

  4. sounds like the mask i've been looking for my whole life!

  5. hi there! sounds like a good mask to try!


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