Revlon Makeup Remover Pen

This Revlon Makeup Remover Pen is not really all that new (it came out a few months ago and has already been reviewed at Beauty and Fashion Tech and I am Fashion), but after reading about it at those blogs I knew that I'd have to check it out for myself.

I am not sure that this pen was ever intended to remove all of your eye-makeup, rather I believe that this pen is intended to be a mistake remover for use during makeup application, and as such it is just amazing! I have this horrible habit of sneezing right after I finish putting on my mascara, resulting in little flecks of mascara on my upper and lower lids. This pen is just perfect for removing those little bits! In the past I would just rub my finger over it, hoping that the mistake would either come off on my finger or be smudged so much that no one ele would notice. But, with this pen it is gone in a flash! Just one little touch and the area is as good as new! I apply a tad bit of eyeshadow over the now naked area, and no one would ever know it was there!
Revlon Makeup Remover Pen


Meg said...

I should check that out! I sneezed the other day after applying mascara and ended up with a line of black dots under each eye. I have great lashes with mascara, but I usually don't use it for fear of ending up with raccoon eyes a few hours later.

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for bringing this up! I am terrible at applying eye liner and sometimes soggy q-tips just don't do it.

I love your blog!

Christine said...

Meg- I'm so happy that it's not just me that sneezes! LOL! I'm not sure what my problem is!

Ashley- definitely try out this product, it's super easy to use and really does remove quite a bit!

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