MAC In 3D – 3D Lip Glass

Another day, another new lip gloss! This time from the MAC collection In 3D. This collection was designed to provide lip-balm like hydration while creating a “3-like” effect on your lips using “an innovative combo-blend of extreme pearl and multi-reflective shine.” Honestly, that strikes me as a little bit silly (after all, my lips are 3D already!), but that’s a moot point since I do like this lip gloss.

1. Color: Mine is in 3d, which you can see in the tube (in a pretty color-accurate picture) above. Once on the lip, this shade is a light pinky/peach color, is pretty sheer and has just a touch of shimmer. The MAC website says that it has a touch of blue frost, I’m not sure that I can see that. This shade is overall pretty universally flattering, and I do like it a lot, but I didn’t pick one out that is anything unique or special. I’ve heard that other colors in this collection are more pigmented and are very pretty.

2. Portability: It’s in a tube with a brush, that’s fine.

3. Good Taste/Smell: It tastes OK, but I’m not really sure that I can identify the flavor, mostly it just isn’t gross.

4. Non-Sticky: Yup, non-sticky.

5. Hydrating: It’s not exactly lipbalm, but it does feel pretty hydrating.

So, overall this is a pretty good lipgloss. I picked out a pretty basic, pink color (my own fault) that wasn’t anything special. However, it is pretty and fairly neutral, so I do reach for it in my purse rather often, especially while at work. I would definitely recommend this gloss for the shine and staying power, and I know I’ll be looking at the line next time I’m near a MAC counter. But, next time I’ll be trying a darker shade!

MAC In 3D – 3D Lip Glass


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