Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous Review

Here it is, my promised review of Some Kind-a Gorgeous. I mentioned earlier that I bought a ton of stuff on Benefit's website, I'm gradually using all of my new products. For about the last week or so I've replaced my DuWop Revolotion with a thin layer of That Gal and then a layer of Some Kind-a Gorgeous.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous is a pretty interesting product. It's a cream to powder finish, and is only available in one shade. Since it is so sheer, this one shade is meant to work for nearly any skin tone, and I'm honestly not quite sure how Benefit thinks that a foundation that works for my super pale Irish skin will also work for a much darker toned woman. But, I do have to say that somehow they have done it!

I apply SKG to my face with my fingertips, though there is also a pretty large round sponge included in the compact. I simply haven't tried it yet, I'm sure others use this daily with their SKG. I apply a small amount to my nose, forehead, under my eyes (more under my circles, between my cheekbones and nose) and to my chin. I smooth it around with mostly upward motions, and then do any additional blending with a triangular make-up sponge. I do apply concealer (currently I'm using boi-ing under my eyes and Bobbi Brown for blemishes), then a bit of blush and powder as usual.

Once applied, I do have to say that SKG blends very well into my skin, leaving no obvious "foundation" line. When applied over a layer of That Gal, the results are very natural, radiant skin that I prefer over how I look with DuWop Revolotion. In addition, my skin is much less oily in appearance with SKG and That Gal, and the best part is that my skin looks great for about 18 hours or so, much longer than the 10-12 hours with my DuWop. I think this will be my new everyday routine for now, if you're up for a change in foundation give this combination a try!
Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous


  1. Hi Christine! I have a question for you - does the Some Kind-a Gorgeous have more pink or yellow tones in it? My skin tone is a darker tan shade and I am curious to find out if it'll work on me!

  2. Hi Karen!
    I think it has a bit more yellow tones in it, which is probably why it works pretty well on me. Having said that, I was at work last night, and in talking with some of the gals there, about 6 of them use it, and we were a very wide range of tones and ethnicities (hispanic, white and asian), so give it a shot!

  3. I am trying this! I have an odd skin tone - I'll let you know how it works.

  4. I love this stuff. I just purchased it a couple of days ago, and its amazing!!!!

  5. So...would this be a foundation replacement?

  6. Yup, foundation replacement. :D

  7. I really dont like my freckles, do you think it would cover them up? if not, do you have any tips on how to do that?
    thanks :)

  8. I love this. It comes in two shades, one for darker skin tones, and one for the light ones. It works great with both (My flatmate is light skinned and I am darker)


  9. Hi its really worthwhile purchasing the foundation brush as the sponge gets a bit yucky and you will use alot less with the brush...just use shampoo to rinse out your brush every now and then

  10. this product unfortunately gives me hives :(


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