Rimmel London Light Beam Lipgloss

Recently, Rimmel came out with a new lip gloss that at first I thought was just a gimmick, but which I truthfully love!

Rimmel’s Light Beam Lipgloss is aimed at the “cool” hip crowd that’s out clubbing and wants to reapply their gloss without a trip to the restroom. Truthfully, the product is great for that (there is a good size mirror on the side of the tube and a pretty bright LED light in the lid), however I think that this product is equally well suited to normal, everyday life.

The gloss itself is great. I have Spotlight (shown here), which at first glance appears to be a scary, super bright pink gloss with shimmer. Not a color anyone in their right mind would pick, certainly not someone as pale as moi. However, when applied this is actually a very sheer color with just a very slight rosy tint to it and a little bit of shimmer. Alone, this tint is very flattering, but when I tried it over my Benetint it was amazing! This is the gloss that should be attached to the other end of the Benetint Pocket Pal! It is as if they were meant to be together! There are several other colors available, all of them are sheer and are meant to be universally flattering to many skin tones, so I’m not sure that you can pick a “bad” color here.

The gloss also has a great texture. It is smooth and silky and feels very hydrating without being at all sticky. Plus, it tastes amazing! It was a struggle to prevent myself from licking it off my lips all day long! The flavor at first is similar to a classic bubble gum flavor, but later has some definite tropical fruit leanings.

While the packaging was what struck me as being a gimmick, it really is very helpful. The mirror on the side is pretty large, and certainly is big enough to quickly reapply your lipgloss whether you are in a restaurant or just out running errands. The LED light clicks on and off easily with a button at the end of the top (no need to hold a button down continuously as I had feared). The light was actually very helpful for use in the car, when the light isn’t quite right to really see your lips in the shade. Perhaps one of my favorite bits of the packaging is the opening for the lip wand- it doesn’t allow too much gloss to be on the applicator, preventing a messy wand from spreading gloss all over everything!

This gloss really does meet all of the criteria for a holy grail lipgloss, and the only way that this could possibly be better is if Rimmel releases some rich, more opaque shades for fall. (Rimmel, are you listening??)

Rimmel London Light Beam Lipgloss at Drugstore.com
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  1. shooping129
    October 10, 2007 / 5:55 am

    It’s surely a nice gloss,I like it.
    I wonder how the LED work, the LED light when the cap opened,or light alawys no matter the cap closed/opende?

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