L'Oreal Sunless Sublime Bronze Body Scrub

I've kind of mentioned this product before, but it has become such a staple in my daily routine that I felt it deserved an entire review.

I love this L'Oreal Body Scrub! Finally, a scrub that works and is not just choc full of oil! This scrub comes in a tube and is of a very similar consistency to most sugar/salt scrubs. It has fine granules to help exfoliate in a more liquidy base. Since this scrub was meant to be used prior to sunless tanning it has no oil in it, rather the liquid base is moisturizing and smells like a light citrus, but the shower won't end up covered in slime afterwards. I use this scrub about twice a week.

The only bad thing about this scrub is that it has become rather hard to find in my area, my Target, Walgreens and CVS no longer carry it. I've started ordering 4-5 bottles at a time from Drugstore.com and Amazon.com. If they sold this in giant bottles with a pump I would be a happy girl!
L'oreal Sunless Sublime Bronze Body Scrub


  1. This is an amazing scrub! It's the perfect consistency and doesn't "melt" after 5 seconds... I find myself having to cut back on how often I use it!

  2. Why did L'oreal stop making? I found it on Amazon and Ebay but not in drugstores. It's the best scrub that doesn't make the shower floor greasy.

  3. I wonder the same thing! It was a great scrub, I haven't found anything to replace it yet without the greasy floor.


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