Countdown to 30

Remember that episode of Sex and the City in which the girls discuss their "old age?" In less than 5 weeks, I will reach a milestone in my life- I reach the age which I had always thought of as "old." I think my old age is quite a bit younger than most girl's "old age," but I'll be turning 30 next month and I'm already worried!

Part of turning 30 for me is definitely going to be a major shift in my skin care routine. As a teen I had acne, and the problem really only resolved in my mid-late 20's. The last few years I've been relatively blemish free (with only a few small blemishes a month), which means I'm ready to make the shift to prevention of aging. This is something I've been doing already (I wear sunscreen every day, I avoid the sun, etc). However, I'm not currently using any treatment products, and my entire skincare routine at night consists only of washing my face and maybe some moisturizer if my skin feels tight.

Recently the Makeup Girl and Makeup Bag have been posting about fantastic miracle creams that have started me thinking about what my new skincare routine should be. I have to admit, the Boots product especially is alluring to me.

I asked the girls over on the Makeup Alley SkinCare Board where to start, and they rec something they call the "Holy Trinity" meaning a good sunscreen, anti-oxidant (usually a Vitamin C Serum) and a Retinol product. There are a huge range of products at all price points for each of these products, and truthfully I was feeling kind of overwhelmed with all of the choices. I may just start with a kit like this Pat Wexler Anti-Aging Starter Kit to make everything easier.

If you have a great anti-aging product you'd like to share, please let me know, I'm open to all suggestions!


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Oh honey, my best skincare tip for future wrinkles is:

SPF 60 sunscreen with mexoyrl or helioplex to stabilize the UVA protection in there (that's what REALLY causes wrinkles/aging)

A good moisturizer for your face after cleansing and to dab under your eyes

Lots and lots of veggies + water :)

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

shhhhhh... don't tell anybody but I turn 40 this year!

girlygirl said...

I have to say that I've been doing the "trinity" of sunscreen, vit C and retinol for a few years now and I'm a big fan. You just have to be careful not to dry your skin out with the retinol and sunscreen. I just turned 30 this year and people who don't know me always think I'm in my early 20's (I get carded a lot) so something must be working. I'm a big fan of Philosophy's Vitamin C powder called Hope and a Prayer that you mix in fresh with a dollop of their Hope in a Jar, which I also love. A good under-eye cream is also mandatory!

in LOVE with being Pulchritudinous said...

Hihi.. diet helps lots too on aging. Check out this site from USDA.

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