Tutorial Spotlight: Temptalia: How-to Apply Make Up, Applying Makeup, Makeup Tips

Here it is, the first installment of the on-line tutorial spotlight! Hopefully this won't be a horribly long series, but I keep finding great sites!

Perhaps one of the best known tutorial sites discussed on Makeup Alley is Temptalia. I'm not sure what Christine's background is, but if this girl isn't a MAC pro already, she needs to be hired right now! Her site is a treasure trove of amazing tips, tutorials and a huge collection of colorful eye looks! Each look include step by step pictures to show you exactly where to put each color (and with which brush) and even a difficulty rating scale! Absolutely fantastic!

I think the best place to start with this site is with Christine's most basic tutorials:
1. Eyebrows and Face: This tutorial includes super detailed pics of exactly where to move your brush while filling in your eyebrows, which is great, because I can only imagine that this would be difficult to describe. The rest of the tutorial is without pics, but Christine describes each step in easy to understand terms, and I'm not sure that a pic would help you at all. The contouring, blush and highlighting are all also described (with pics) in another tutorial. I only wish that she included pics and info on concealer in this tutorial, though judging by her amazing skin throughout the site, I don't think Christine needs any!

2. Contour, Blush, & Highlighting the Face: Here is the companion tutorial to the one above, with pics of Christine applying her blush, contour and highlight. She has clear pics of every step, including the embarassing fishy face we should all make to find just the right spot to contour our face! I suggest using this tutorial with the one above, and you will quickly become an expert at this. I previously had been concentrating more on the apples of my cheeks when applying blush. I now move back a little further because of this tutorial and I have been really impressed with the results! You can also see in these pics how incredible Christine looks! I want her amazing skin!

3. Black Smokey Eyes: The perfect smokey eye is great for a night out on the town, and as great as it looks,, it can be equally hard to achieve if you don't know exactly where to put your products. Here Christine shows you exactly which color to put where and why, shows you that it's ok that your Fluidline black base isn't perfect (and also that you need very little of it for this look), and reminds us that the neutral color on the browbone makes everything much easier to blend. I have been trying to master the smokey eye for ages, and after following these directions (with different products though) last week, even I could acheive this look. If I can do it, so can you!

4. Neutral Look: Perhaps my favorite of Christine's more basic tutorials is this one, which she calls her signature neutral look (pictured above). While this look may look like a simple wash of one brown, if you look closely their is variation in the color and highlighting in the center of the eyelid making the look not only much more complex, but also much prettier. The pictures are amazing resources not only for this look, but for almost any look one would want to create with eyeshadow. Try the variations in shade and place them appropriately as Christine shows- you will be as amazed with the results as I was!

If you can't afford to go and buy so many different colors from MAC (which truthfully, very few of us can), then Christine even includes a guide for buying makeup on a budget, in which she discusses the drugstore line NYX quite a bit.

Christine also has a lot of very colorful eyeshadow looks that I haven't discussed here. I highly recommend looking at how she achieves these looks, even if you aren't willing to do a teal eye, for example. All of her looks and tutorials contain excellent tips on how to obtain the look on your own at home. After reading through her site last week, I've been doing a lot of her techniques on my own and I have been really happy not only with the results, but also how much faster everything seems to go on. I highly recommend running to her site now, bookmarking it, and returning often!

Temptalia: How-to Apply Make Up, Applying Makeup, Makeup Tips

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