Sheer Blonde Luminous Color Glaze

With a recent purchase of a styling product from the John Frieda Blonde line, I received a small bottle of this color glaze. While not a product I would have purchased on my own, I did like this glaze. According to John Frieda it is “Designed to enrich the hairs’ color through Color Illuminating Technology, a mild acid and silicone based formulation. Think citrus fruit strength! Silicone based to enhance the shine and deepen the luxurious texture of each hair. Shine and texture without weighing down the hair!”

Truthfully, it did do a pretty decent job. It is applied in the shower after shampoo and conditioner, rinsed out after a few minutes. My hair did have more texture, making it easier to dry out straight (I have wavy hair that either needs to be made curly or dried straight to look ok), but the texture was too heavy to scrunch my hair and style it curly. The shine from this product is a little boost, however if it’s shine you’re after, you are MUCH better off buying the Frederic Fekkai Glossing Sheer Shine Mist, which offers quite a bit more shine. I didn’t notice any boost in color, however I only had a 1 ounce bottle and this may not have been enough to see a difference.
Sheer Blonde Luminous Color Glaze


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