Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great Links to Check Out

Another great site that I think everyone should check out is a great beauty and fashion blog I just discovered, The Daily Fashionista. This site is written by Dana, who in addition to being incredibly sweet, also works in NYC as a professional shopper/personal stylist. Her blog is a treasure-trove of information! I think this recent post about Angelina Jolie is a prime example. Now, I've always been on Team Aniston, but I can't deny that Angelina is looking better and better these days. This amazing post tells you exactly which products you need to create the perfect, glowing look she had at the NYC premiere of her new movie, "A Mighty Heart." After reading how easy it is to recreate this look at home, I've added a lot of these DuWop products to my shopping list for my next Sephora shopping spree.
The Daily Fashionista

Of course we all read Cincyfan's blog, All Lacquered Up daily, but if you've missed the last few posts, I recommend heading over there to check out her post on Opi's 2007 Fall line, the Russian Collection. The bottle pics are amazing! This collection promises to have something for everyone, and it really appears that reds will be hot this fall! This collection especially has the MUA Nail Board excited for the navy, Russian Navy. I admit that I usually am more conservative in my nail colors, and I don't wear blues, but even I want this color! My favorite shades are likely to be Boris & Natasha, Catherine The Grape, Kreme De La Kremlin, and Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey. It's hard to tell based upon the bottle pics if these shades are warm or cool (I'm very cool toned), so we'll see which work best for me. I am already planning to buy this entire collection when it comes out this August!
Opi Fall 2007 Russian Collection Bottle Pics

Update- 6/19/2007 Ohio finally got some sun, so Cincyfan has just posted some really amazing pics of each color. You can really see how each color will work on your nails, and the shimmer.
Opi Fall 2007 Russian Collection Swatch Pics

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