Dove Energy Glow Lotion

Dove Energy Glow Lotion

In my quest for the perfect self tanner, I decided to give Dove's new Energy Glow Daily Lotion a shot. The idea is pretty much the same as all of the other gradual self tanners- a small amount of DHA (the active ingredient in any self-tanner) is in the lotion, and with continued daily use, you will eventually have a glowing, even tan. I've tried these products before, including similar lotions from Jergens and L'Oreal. The Jergens had such a horrid smell, I could not bring myself to use it again. The L'Oreal lotion I do use, thought it is hard to get it even, hence I was on the lookout for another lotion.

Let me say first of all, that this lotion does smell quite a bit better than the others. So much better actually, that I actually wondered whether there was any DHA present in it. I started using this a few weeks ago, and I quit after about 7 days. It turned me bright orange. Literally, I was orange, nothing "glowy" or "sun-drenched" about it. I have been orange tinged beefore with self tanner, but never bright orange. For me, this tanner was a bust. However, it did make the list for Elle's Top 5 Self Tanners, so it must work for other people.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, if I put this stuff on every day for 7 days in a row, I'd be orange too!! Start with 1 application per day for 3 days to "develop" the tan, then use the product every other day to "maintain." Use regular lotion on the other days. Works great that way.

Christine said...

Well, In my defense I was having NO color change, and one morning I was still chalk white, then I was suddenly bright orange later that day with nothing in between!

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