Artemis Woman Heel Smoother Pedicure Device

I went to Target a few weeks ago intending to purchase the new Oil of Olay thermal foot scrub. I literally was standing there with the $10 bottle in my hand when I turned around and saw this Pedicure gadget. I’ve checked this out before on Amazon, and recently Courtney at Champagne Tates on a Beer Budget also reviewed it. I was pretty excited too see it in person there at Target. When I saw that it was $1 off, and only cost $18, a quick cost analysis resulted in the Heel Smoother in my basket rather than the Oil of Olay.
I’ve used this a few times now, and I love it! It’s best used after a shower, I actually just sat down in the shower and used it. This gave me a great spot for all of the dead skin to come off and it was easy to rinse off the Artemis. And really, there was a lot of dead skin coming off! After about 10-15 minutes total, my feet were incredibly smooth and it was so easy!
Artemis Woman Heel Smoother Pedicure Device


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