Kiehl's Light, Nourishing Eye Cream

Continuing my quest for a great eye cream to deal with my under eye circles and darkness, I decided to give Kiehl's Light, Nourishing Eye Cream a try. (ok, so maybe this is because they gave me a free sample, but who was I to complain?)
According to Kiehl's, this is a light cream with anti-oxidants meant to soothe and protect the undereye area. It is specially formulated for those with oily skin (definitely me). While it isn't meant to de-puff the area, it promised not to exacerbate these issues.

I found this to be a nice, basic moisturizing eye cream. It sinks into skin easily, and is a great base for makeup. It is fragrance free, and caused no issues with my crazy skin. I think this could be a great fall back eye cream- for those times you don't feel the need to de-puff or de-line your eye area. I think this product is well worth it!
Kiehl's Light, Nourishing Eye Cream

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Rachael said...

Does the cream actually help with the dark circles?


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