Cover Girl Professional Curved Brush

Cover Girl Professional Curved BrushI’m obsessed with mascara. I am not at all loyal to any brand, formulation, and very rarely will buy the same mascara more than once. So, I’m going to start reviewing all of the ones I’ve used the last few years here. I like to buy new mascara every 2-3 months, and my goal is long, lush lashes that are almost false in appearance. Which means that I have completely unrealistic expectations.

Cover Girl’s Professional Mascara with the curved brush does provide great coverage with minimal clumping, and quite a bit of volumizing as well. I had problems with staying power however, and found that people were often asking me in the afternoon if I was tired. It wasn’t me- my mascara was flaking off onto my lower lid area. As well, the time I had spent curling my lashes was wasted, by lunch my lashes were straight again. This was not a repeat purchase.


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